Revolving Scholarship

Nyenrode’s 14th Lustrum – its 70th birthday – is ‘around the corner’, with the main festivities taking place on campus on September 10th, 2016. We hope that many North American alumni will find their way back to Breukelen to join the festivities in September 2016. 

Seventy years after Nyenrode’s “founding fathers” (KLM, Akzo, Philips Electronics, Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever and many, many, others) took the bold step to create a private business school to prepare students for careers in international business, Nyenrode is alive and well.  Its 17,000 graduates became entrepreneurs, top marketing and financial officers in hundreds upon hundreds of firms worldwide.  Nyenrode continues to be in the vanguard of management education and, presently, offers on-campus BSc (per September 2016), MSc, MBA and PhD degree programs.  And, no matter the length of the programme, for virtually all Nyenrodians, the Breukelen experience remains unforgettable.

So, how can we, as North American alumni, contribute to Nyenrode’s future success?  The most ideal way is to enable Nyenrode to grant its best applicants tuition support.  This is why American Friends of Nyenrode University Inc. (“AFNU”) hopes you will consider a tax-deductible donation (or a pledge for a future donation) in support of Nyenrode’s Revolving Scholarship Program (“RSP”).  RSP-recipients pledge that, after graduation, they will make tax-deductible donations (equal to or greater than the grant received) to either Nyenrode, to the Nyenrode Fund (SNF) or to AFNU.  That way “old” alumni support “new” alumni.  Donations from past RSP-recipients (>300 MSc & MBA scholarships) have already begun replenishing the funding pool.  This works; have a look at Hanna Westgott’s ‘Thank You’ note below.

To thank its generous North American alumni, at certain donation levels AFNU will send donors a Delft Blue Nyenrode memento, part of a series conceived and created especially for this purpose by AFNU:





Coaster (9.7 x 9.7cm)
for a donation of 
Tile (15 x 15cm)
Castle (in cm: 20.5W, 6.5D, 12H)
$1500 and up

During 2012-14, AFNU collected $120,000 (good for 10 scholarship grants) and transferred these to the RSP.  With our alma mater’s 70th on the horizon, we hope you will consider making a generous donation (or pledge) toward the American Alumni’s next large contribution to the RSP.  AFNU hopes to send over another substantial 6-figure contribution in advance of the 2016-17 academic year and the 14th Lustrum.

Donations can be made by:

Sending  a check to:

Sander Spierings, Treasurer 
American Friends of Nyenrode University Inc.         
30 Fairway Avenue
Rye, New York 10580

Typing in

On the HomePage, select “Donate to AFNU”

Then make your payment using PayPal, or a Credit Card through PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card

Kindly note that the tax-deductible part of your gift will equal the actual donation minus the cost of the Delft Blue object

It is the contributions of Nyenrode’s alumni, worldwide, that enable Nyenrode to attract talented applicants who otherwise might have opted to study elsewhere.  Recent history has already proven that the Revolving Scholarship Program instills an even greater bond between our scholarship recipients, Nyenrode, and its alumni donors.  AFNU will be certain to share the occasional success-story with all of you, and stands ready to provide specific case-studies or additional relevant info upon your request.

On behalf of Nyenrode and its future star-students, AFNU thanks you in advance for your consideration, your generous donation and your continued support. Please contact AFNU’s Board Secretary, or any of us, with questions, suggestions or nifty ideas to further support our Dutch alma mater.

Van Verre,


Johan de Voogd, Chairman (19650152) at or 212-953-1492
Jack Roepers, Secretary (19760067) at or 703-893-5897
Sander Spierings, Treasurer (19960408) at or 917-864-5541
Jon Goldberg (19970414) at or +43-681-8170-5887 or 303-847-5384
Albert van Servellen (19640105) at or 530-550-9033
Bram van der Meij (19680062) at or 360-432-0355
Paul Wahlgren (19960415) at or 917-957-0787
Remco de Rechter (199801) at or 917-459-3312
Bill Huber (19780615) at or 864-377-0747
Michael Burny (19910403) at or 310-462-6908
Michael Maurer (19970713) at
Andrew Haak (19730022) at or 312-339-1615
Priscilla Bender at

About AFNU
American Friends of Nyenrode University Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes pursuant to section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.  Its activities include fundraising in support of students, faculty & educational programs at Nyenrode.  In recent years, AFNU hosted alumni events with Nyenrode’s leadership in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, Portland & Florida, and supported Nyenrode students’ participation in Molson’s International Case Competition (Montreal).  Upon request, AFNU will send you copies of the Nyenrode 2014 Annual Review and Nyenrode International 2015.  Please send all inquiries to

‘Thank You’ note from recent scholarship recipient Hanna Elisabeth Waltsgott

Dear honorable members of AFNU,

I had the pleasure of living on the beautiful estate of Nyenrode for over a year already. Through my window I can watch the leaves turn their colour for the second time and I start to feel a little sad knowing that this wonderful and rewarding time in the Netherlands is nearly over.

As a result of winning the business game and thanks to the AFNU scholarship I learned to see the world from a new perspective and the MSc in Financial Management studies were the intellectual challenge I had been searching for.

At Nyenrode I was able to chair my own committee with which we brought many companies for presentations and workshops, and sent many students to ‘in-house days’ and company visits.  I was able to overcome my public speaking skills during ‘main-tables’ and many other occasions, knowing that I am in an incredibly safe environment where everyone is encouraged to make mistakes and learn as many lessons as possible.  I was able to find true friends and I came closer to reaching one of my life goals through my thesis placement at Triodos Bank, which is to make a positive impact on the world and on the generations to come through sustainable finance.

Nevertheless, the dominating emotion I am feeling certainly is not sadness, but excitement.  Excitement to go out into the world and use the knowledge and skills I developed here.

My ultimate goal in life is to make an impact on the world and leave something behind for the generations to come.  This brings me to the most important point. I promise to honor your trust and investment by working as hard as I possibly can during my time here and also in the future. As I said before I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and I hope that in the future I will have the chance to support a student in the same way you are supporting me.

Yours faithfully,