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To filter alumni, select the cities and states you wish.
1) You can limit the cities by first selecting the State and click the Apply button.
2) You can select more than one state by holding the CTRL key.
3) You can further filter the list by selecting one or more cities and then clicking the Apply button.
We only publicly show the names of alumni with Public LInkedin Profiles. If you want a complete list of alumni near you, send us an email and we will provide you the details.
State/Province City / Suburb Website Name
New Jersey Summit Contact AFNU for more details on ID: 15
Johannesburg Contact AFNU for more details on ID: 16
Massachusetts Kimberly Morrison Legelis
London, Azadeh Pourzand
Massachusetts Lexington Contact AFNU for more details on ID: 19
Rhode Island Christopher Sowa
Missouri Chesterfield Eduard de Vries
Maine Bangor Bob Ziegelaar
Connecticut Edwin Siebesma